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FCF Outfit Judging

Outfit judging forms are available online! 

These forms can be used at the section, chapter, territorial and national level.  They all are based on a 200 point scale that covers the most common of outfit choices for each category.  Here's how it works:

  • Print off your preferred category before the event.

  • Mark your points and see where you stand.  Perhaps you can do a few extra things before you go compete!

  • At the event, show up with your outfit on and your form in hand at the appointed time, with everything on your form for the judges to see.

  • Your form will be your base score.  The judges will use an additional point form to add points for handmade items, and for craftsmanship.

  • Make sure all the items that you are using are your own.  No borrowing!

  • The judges will tally the scores, and determine the winner. 

If you do forget your forms, that is OK, the FCF staff at each event should have some of each of the forms available for you.

Print yours off, and lets see some outstanding FCF outfits at our next event.


In the event of a tie, the contestant who will be able to produce the most documentation on his outfit will be awarded a single tie breaker point.  So even though your chosen category may not ask for documentation, it would be wise to have documentation on hand should you need it.  The best way would be to document each article for the outfit that you will be having judged, photo copy those sources, references and compile them so that if needed, you can produce your documentation for the judges.  Acceptable sources would be first hand accounts of the period, journals, inventory lists, sketchbooks, etc.