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Welcome Partner to Mizmo's Product Outlet. Mizmo is the squaw of ol' MoMo from Georgia.  She has set up shop doing some mighty fine knitting. This is just one example of her work. She will also be knitting Garters and Sashes. All of her products are wonderful. Available in a wide assortment of colors. Contact her for more details!!!


Handmade by MizMo with 100% Virgin Wool


Tina O’Dell, a/k/a “MizMo
88 Dogwood Ridge
Hampton, GA30228
Hm.      (770) 707-0220
Cell        (770) 378-6566
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18th Century

French Voyageur Cap


This is a reconstruction of the knit cap found at the shipwreck of the 18th century sailing ship Le Machault in June of 1760.



Care Instructions:

Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water.  Do not wring or twist, but roll in a towel to remove excess moisture. 
Lay flay to dry.