Blue Flower




The Patch
Sharpie Style Marker
Tie Tack Blanks
Stencil Material
E6000 Glue
6-8 Cloths pins


1. Assemble the materials listed. The tie tack blanks, stencil material and the Glue
can be purchased at HOBBY LOBBY or Michael's.


2. Trace the outline of the patch to mount onto the stencil material. Turn the patch over and place the stencil material on top of the patch. Trace just inside the outer boarder of the patch.
This will make the stencil just a little smaller than the patch when you cut the stencil.





3. Decide how many tacks to use on the patch. For most patches you want to use 4 but if the patch is large or an unusual shape it may require more to be secure. If the patch is small it may only take 2.

4. Arrange the tacks on the back of the patch where you think they should go. For Oval patches use 4 tacks, place them in a diamond shape; one each at
the top and bottom and one each on the left and right. Place the tacks between a 1/4th of an inch to 1/8th of an inch from the edge.  I generally place the tack through the stencil material so that the flat back edge of the tack almost touches the edge of the stencil.




5. Apply a very thin layer of the glue to the back of the patch and the back of the stencil material.
**IMPORTANT-- It is very important that you use a very thin layer of the glue. Using too much glue will cause the stencil material to buckle and not lay flat.

6. Once you have the Glue on the patch and the stencil material align the two pieces and press them together.

7. Use cloths pins around the patch to hold the stencil material in place as the glue sets. Leave it overnight for best results.










8. Remove the cloths pins and clean any excess glue from the patch. If you have been careful and only used a very thin layer of the glue then you should
not have much to clean up.



9. Mount the patch on your Uniform proudly.