Blue Flower

Camp Recipe for cooking an egg omelet in a re-closable ziplock plastic bag. It is a quick to prepare a meal with no need for an expensive omelet pan. It can be a kid friendly meal that is a great way to stretch your food dollars. Make it a healthy or diet meal by using low fat ingredients. Don't forget too that you can add those leftovers that otherwise might get thrown away. Add small cuts of cooked bacon or left-over meat of your choice, shredded cheese, chopped onions and parsley to the zip lock bag, seal and add to pot of boiling water. Done in just 13 minutes with easy clean up. This economical meal combined with a fresh salad, and fruit is great for a quick mid week dinner, not just breakfast. Going to have a busy day at work? Why not assemble in the morning, refrigerate and have ready to prepare for that evening's dinner?

Things You'll Need:

  • Heavy duty plastic ziplock bags quart size. One bag for each 2 eggs.
  • Allow 2 eggs per bag, per person.
  • Large pot of boiling water.
  • Shredded cheese of your choice, dry or freshly grated.
  • Small pieces of freshly cooked or leftover meat of your choice.
  • Small cuts of vegetables of your choice.
  • Pinch salt, pepper, dried parsley and any other dried spice combination you prefer.
  • Medium size bowl or 4 cup glass measuring cup.
  • Pair scissors.
  • Pair tongs and cooking mitts.
  • Stove top timer that you can set for 13 minutes.

1.Fill a large soup pot or other pan halfway with water and set aside. Allow two eggs per omelet you want to make. Do not break shells just yet. Chop your meat and vegetables into small pieces and place on large serving plate. If using fresh cheese, shred or grate it and add to serving plate. If using Parmesan cheese, put a few tablespoons on the same serving plate. Do the same with either fresh or dried herbs. Fill the plate with whatever suits your taste buds at the time! You will love being creative with your omelets by making them differently each time.

2.Heat the pan of water to boiling. If cooking more than 4 omelets, cook in batches, 4 at a time. Crack shells of two eggs into one resealable plastic ziplock bag, then add whatever ingredients you want in your omelet to the bag. Do not fill more than 1/3 full. I usually put the empty bag in a large soup bowl or 4 cup measuring cup to make it easier to add the ingredients.

3. After you have filled the ziplock bag 2/3 full with the ingredients of your choice, press most of the air out of the bag and zip closed being sure it is well sealed. Lift out of the bowl or measuring cup and using both hands smush (is that a real word?) all of the ingredients around inside the bag until everything is well coated with the eggs. Your kids will love this part. Add up to 4 bags, one at a time, to the pot of boiling water. When the water returns to a rolling boil set your timer for 13 minutes. When done, lift bags from boiling water with tongs or hot mitts and place on plate. Let cool for at least 3 minutes. Hold top corner of each bag with one hand and cut open halfway down the bag. The cooked omelet will slide right out of the bag and onto your plate.